PAYTRIE is a Canadian stablecoin platform, that acts as a trusted, non-custodial bridge for Canadians to access the world of web3.
When Paytrie first came to Renga, they lacked meaning, and differentiation – they needed a stronger identity to stand out among the sea of gradients. We built the strategy around the idea of accessibility, communicating that Paytrie can be a trusted source for Canadians when accessing web3. For their visual identity, we evolved their logo, typeface, colour palette and UI kit, which steered clear of gradients and used colourful patterns to bring energy and excitement to the brand.
Visual Identity / Web Design / Product Design


Designed at Renga
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Product design

The goal for the product was to design primarily for dark mode while still ensuring that Paytrie’s brand identity was effectively translated. We achieved this through the use of monotone patterns throughout while designing with functionality in mind. The embedded widget is the primary focus of the product so we ensured that it would be adaptable to a variety of use cases. Within the widget users can signup and log in, buy and sell stablecoins, as well as track the progress of their order.


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