Dal is a lentil brand focusing on providing an eco-conscious option to the current selection of lentils available in stores.

2 months

packaging design

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Dal Lentils

Inspired by Maharashtra - one of the major pulse producing Indian states - its landscapes are depicted through delicate illustrations that cover the exterior of the package. Dal, the Hindi word for lentils, includes a minimal ornate style to reflect the intricacies found in Indian textile designs.

The combination of earth tones and elegant typography effortlessly creates a unique and memorable product that reflects a contemporary style while maintaining the traditional Indian characteristics. The minimal design allows Dal to stand out in a market where busy and loud branding currently dominates the shelves. It is packaged in an eco-conscious paper bag that is resealable and can be reused or recycled. All the essential information is written in both Hindi and English to make the product accessible. The brand name "Dal" is the Hindi word for lentils, allowing the product to be effortlessly identified by either group.

The selection is available in pigeon-pea (arhar/toor), Bengal-gram split (chana), red lentil (masoor), black-gram split (urad chilka) and green-gram split (moong chilka) varieties.

final design

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