NANI is a slow fashion brand that provides Canadians with a chic and eco-conscious alternative to fast fashion while paying tribute to nanis and Fijian tailors

Nani addresses the current demand for clothing that is trendy, long-lasting and eco-conscious. Through Nani, consumers can enjoy their shopping experience without being concerned with ethical and moral issues. The line will provide consumers with a selection of sustainably made clothing that will last over many wears.

Nani understands that the fashion industry must change for us to prolong our environmental and social well-being. So by bringing these perspectives and attitudes towards clothing to Canada, Nani will provide clothes that people can buy and wear without concern for how it was created.

The concepts of first life and second life divide the brand into two parts. First life represents the shopping experience – it includes the current collection of clothes and information about the fabrics. The second life serves as a hands-on, creative section that helps consumers transform existing clothing through upcycling.
Visual Identity / Web Design / Packaging / Information –Undergrad Thesis



Fashion Illustrations
by Neha Ray︎︎︎


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