ASHNA RAY explores the intersections of design, culture, and identity—with a focus on visual identity, data visualization and web design

She is a Toronto-based designer and a graduate of the York/Sheridan Program in Design (YSDN). 

With a deep passion for crafting innovative and thoughtful designs in collaboration with fellow creatives, Ashna explores the rich intersections of design, digital tools, culture, and identity. While she finds joy in all aspects of design, her interests lie in the realms of branding and information design. Currently, she is dedicated to designing intentional brands that contribute to a brighter future at Renga ✧・゚

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York University/Sheridan College (YSDN)
Bachelors of Design (Honors)


Intermediate DesignerRenga — Toronto

Junior DesignerRenga — Toronto

Design InternBruce Mau Design — Toronto

Graphic DesignerYork University — Toronto